This is an incoherent position. Mimi Swartz Another night of mass-spreading mendacity. Opens image gallery Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Both speeches blazed with undeniable moral urgency. Add to Watchlist. Considered one of, if not the best, movie about a boy and his dog, Old Yeller will emotionally cripple you if you relate to losing a pet best friend. With a dash of E. A New York department store Santa Claus claims to be the real Santa, infecting shoppers with Christmas spirit and destroying the cynicism of anyone who stands in his path.


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In this special feature, Times Opinion writers rank the evening on a scale of 1 to 1 means the night was a disaster for Republicans; 10 means it could lead to a big polling bump for the Trump-Pence ticket. Granted, it was unintentional. Sincere and heartfelt, she brought a welcome touch of the real to these proceedings. Louis earlier this year.

West sound dating was a reminder of a core truth beneath the law-and-order blather: Protests without peace can exact a dreadful human cost. Nicole Hemmer Alice Johnson. InTrump commuted her excessive prison sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. Throughout his first term, Famous dating philippines has corrupted the clemency process, doling out pardons and commutations to loyalists and accomplices.

But this one he got right. None, that I can think of. Alice Johnson highlighted one thing, criminal justice reform, that Trump genuinely does deserve credit for. Daniel McCarthy President Trump had supreme confidence and good lines, including when he touted having done more for African-Americans in three years — with criminal justice reform and record-low unemployment — than Joe Biden had achieved in 47 years.

The president has taken the offense in defining the race. More people with unfair sentences should have the same opportunity regardless of whether they know a celebrity who knows the president. Her story is heartwarming but not a substitute for humane and just changes in the criminal justice system.

And Alice Johnson, describing her release from prison thanks to a Trump commutation. Both speeches blazed with undeniable moral urgency. Peter Wehner Alice Johnson.

Her faith not only sustained her; it also seems to have transformed her life. Will Wilkinson Alice Johnson was a ray of light and hope in the lurid dark of the final night. Wajahat Ali With a straight west sound dating, Trump said he can modestly say he had done more for Black people than any other president since Lincoln.

He said this after an entire evening of Republican speakers bashed Black Lives Matter, their supporters and millions of demonstrators who protested against police brutality. He said this as a birther. He said this as one of his supporters just killed two people in Kenosha and overnight became a right-wing opinion, doctor dating ex patient consider. It was corrupt, but more than that it was a statement of contempt for the basic republican principle that the people are sovereign, not the leader they elect.

Linda Chavez It was bad enough that Trump commandeered the White House for a what looked like a super-spreader party. His speech was not that of a successful incumbent, but a scared underdog whose only hope is to persuade voters the Democrats are socialists who want to burn down the country. Gail Collins Rudy Giuliani — like being stuck with your cranky Uncle Fred at the end of a really long cocktail party.

Ross Douthat The inability of any speaker, civilian or politician, to resolve the tension between the usual incumbent claims that Things Have Never Been Better and the grim reality of the Covid death rate and the unemployment rate. But the basic problem for this convention is that the Republicans were trying to sell an incumbent administration that failed to prevent a continuing crisis — evident in the very design of the convention itself — and nobody tonight, up to Trump himself, had any rhetorical solution save evasion.

Nicole Hemmer With more than a thousand maskless people packed tightly on the South Lawn, Trump staged a campaign rally at the White House — a violation of both norms and possibly law. Matt Labash Was wrestling over who should get my dry-cleaning bill after hearing so much ridiculousness that I kept spitting bourbon through my nose, thus ruining my MAGA sweater. Liz Mair Ivanka taking the stage with her father, and Melania trying to greet her with a smile, but then immediately looking freaked out and very much not pleased to see her stepdaughter.

He was a reminder of how uninspiring the G. Melanye Price Trump saying that electing Joe Biden will give brothers friend dating health problems including heart attacks when he has failed to take any responsibility for the worst public health crisis in American history.

It was particularly vulgar at an event on the White House lawn with unmasked attendees who were not socially distancing. Bret Stephens Ivanka Trump. Till then, who elected her viceroy of these colonies? Peter Wehner Rudy Giuliani. He source the speech coiled with anger; by the end, he was uncoiled and enraged — sputtering, yelling into an empty auditorium, his voice cracking, his glasses slipping off his nose.

It was a crime against the meaning of America far greater than if he had ripped the flags gaudily arrayed around him from their poles, tossed them in a heap and burned them in a towering bonfire.

Trump also betrayed his country by packing a west sound dating of partisans, maskless and undistanced, into the South Lawn. Wajahat Ali Consistency should matter. Trump and Republicans spent the night painting a picture of America as a violent, dangerous hellscape where rioters and looters have taken control. Then Trump bragged and lied about all of his accomplishments in making this country great.

Trump basically made the case to west sound dating for Biden. Jamelle Bouie What else mattered: Trump is the unambiguous underdog in this election. His tasks is to regain just enough lost ground to eke out an Electoral College victory. This speech was an opportunity to do just that, and he failed.

If you were on the fence about Trump, nothing in this rote, laundry list of a speech will likely assuage your concerns. Trump could have reintroduced himself to the public, west sound dating could have shown his commitment to solving problems like the deadly pandemic killing a thousand Americans each day.

He did neither, wasting an important chance to click the ground of the campaign. Linda Chavez Using the White House as a backdrop for a political convention was a travesty, but so was filling the audience amid a pandemic with federal workers like the I.

The White House should not be a prop for a reality show president. Gail Collins Trump announced his candidacy in an inappropriate place White House lawn to an audience that was way too squished for coronavirus summer.

That was actually the only exciting part. Ross Douthat Well, the president gave a speech. Overall the Republican convention was a more impressive piece of entertainment than what the Democrats put together, but it ended with a fizzle and a yawn.

To watch this hateful huckster brand check this out White House with banners bearing his name, turning it into a stage set for American caudillismo, was a low point in the history of the presidency.

Not a great argument for a second term. Nicholas Kristof With Covid recently claiming about one American life every 80 seconds, President Dancers dating ballet should be modeling social distancing and the wearing of masks.

Instead, masks were barely visible and chairs were close, spreading the worst kind of public health messaging to the American public. Matt Labash The R. At a time of multiple crises, when we most need good, honest leadership, we instead get relentless dishonesty. These are the choices, folks: bunco men vs. Bloods vs. Crips, engaged in gang warfare for its own sake. Not this cycle. Why dating uk agency online the bastards?

He sounded like a bog-standard career politician in a world where people have gotten used to someone leading continue reading G. Daniel McCarthy The night seemed too rote, too safe too often, with good messages deflated by lackluster or past-their-prime messengers like Rudy Giuliani.

Mimi Swartz Another night of mass-spreading mendacity. Tom Cotton accuses Joe Biden of coddling dictators. Rudy Giuliani paints New York City as a chaotic, violent dystopia. Ivanka Trump says her dad is a champion of women and children.

The president promises to end anarchy. Article source sensed a Trump fatigue setting in. Peter Wehner The Trump campaign has settled on its theme, which is as subtle as a jackhammer. The through line of this week was lies, the bolder the better. The purpose is to disorient Americans. Trump can win only if Americans enter his hall of mirrors. An awful lot hinges on them declining the offer.

This is an incoherent position. If Trump is re-elected, he might put an end to the perils of two-party rule for good. Wajahat Ali WajahatAli is a playwright, lawyer and contributing opinion writer. Link Chavez, a former Reagan White House director of public liaison, is a political commentator.

Mimi Swartz mimiswartzan executive editor at Texas Monthly, is a contributing opinion writer. Will Wilkinson willwilkinsonthe vice president for research at the Niskanen Center, is a contributing west sound dating writer.

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