We are not currently planning to add more achievements, we think that is probably enough for the time being. The que is taking forever post Reach update. We recap Halo 3's flight, Firefight for Halo 3: ODST's announcement, a technical deep dive with engineers, a breakdown of work from design and art, then close with an all-up project update. Work in Progress and final implementation is subject to change. I've tried everything on the list and have to wait 30 minutes to finally connect to a match if I'm lucky! This will make it effective at suppressing enemies at longer ranges. We are currently moving toward a Beta candidate and have entered the major bug fixing phase of its development. Offerings will continue to include that hardcore survival, but it's not going to be endless in the matchmaking space.


We are very excited to see what sort of creations the community comes up with during this contest. As a very important note, maps from this contest will also be considered for official integration into MCC multiplayer matchmaking if they are high enough quality. So, if you are into making maps, check this out and see if you have the chops to stack up with some of the best across the community! Over the course of MCC, the teams working on flighting have learned a lot and our mantra is flight early and flight often. Folks in our preliminary Rings are the tip of the spear before it makes it to those participating in Ring 3, our public flight. Over the course of the 2-week flight we have seen well over 2, unique tickets submitted by the community. Below are some of the top issues as well as their status at the time of writing this:. Halo Support flight feedback being tracked for future fixes by launch or after :. We believe flighting is critical to the overall success and satisfaction of players with MCC. However, in this latest public flight, we had lower than average participation and we are looking to find out why. We are going to be sending out a survey to some of our Halo Insider invitees so we can learn more about why people chose not to join us this time around. I would have totally participated! Thank you to those who have expressed interest and have registered. Your help is invaluable, and the community reaps the rewards when everyone participates! At this point, it is now a regular occurrence that we chat with our friends over on the Publishing Team.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is adding cross-play support between Xbox One and PC in a future update, and now developer Industries has shared some details on how it will work and what's being done to ensure a fair experience. Technical to gentleman you a how are dating know Dana Jerpback click in a blog post that see more will be input-based matchmaking for certain playlists.

The Infection and Firefight playlists, for example, will not have input-based matchmaking because those modes are more cooperative than competitive. Mcc matchmaking halo playlists, meanwhile, will have more rigid rules about inputs, and in some cases it might be locked to only a single input. Other possibilities include people playing together with some using a controller and others using mouse mcc matchmaking halo keyboard.

Whatever the case, players will become locked into a single control setup when they enter matchmaking, though they can change this at any time outside of the matchmaking scenario. Additionally, players will be able to see what control setup other people in the lobby are using, which is similar to the UI for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Mouse and keyboard controls are generally understood to be superior when it comes to control and precision, but players on controller who want to go up against those with mouse and keyboard controls can do so.

One issue that could arise with input-based matchmaking is that it could split the player base into multiple groups, which could in turn slow down matchmaking times.

Our goal is to break down the barriers of platform and focus on input method instead click to see more we can tune the experience more easily. We want players to be able to play with their friends and make the pool of players you can match with mcc matchmaking halo larger within matchmaking instead of limit it.

And as always, is not strictly committing to anything at this point in terms of design or implementation, so what they discussed in the blog post could change. In addition to cross-play, is introducing a custom games browser and the ability to choose multiplayer see more that may be closer to where you live. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

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