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Both inventors were living in Keightley, Yorkshire. The same design was produced by Massey under license for the US Market. Vices based on his design are still made today. It is of interest because it is one of the earliest QR vices to use steel rods rather than cast iron sliders. Read more about the Toles vice here and vices made by a their US competitor Wilcox. Although they have borrowed the idea of the rods, they take the precaution of registering a design patent and casting the design number into the front of the casting. At some point in the s they introduced a transitional casting with the RD number removed. Record redesigned the front jaw casting once again, removing the space previously reserved for the RD number. The range included a number of changes that, although billed as improvements, would doubtless have resulted in the reduction of manufacturing costs. The current owners of the Record brand Irvin continue to make a version of the QR vice, although it is a pale imitation of the versions made in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Countless companies have made copies of the design over the years. The modern copies Irvin Annant, York, Dawn etc , although functional, are made to a comparably low standard to keep the price down. Record quick-release vices have long been a favourite amongst woodworkers around the world and for…. Do you think the Dawn Tools company of Australia should be part of the story?

Sites dating motorcycle rider or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot recorf or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. There's a guy on Fleabay who has a very steady supply of English made vises, And I did quite well bidding on a 4. The vise was 30 bucks or so, shipping another A good deal for a serious quality please click for source vise.

Just wanted to let rfcord kind folks know that they are still available. Tags: None. Did you get "new old stock" or a used vise? Since, Datimg et all have only been "gone" about four years, I would think that there is a good bit of "new" rating "hidden" in the back room. I went to one of those "discount" tool outlets places where I "found" and bought two new Record metal working vises back in One is something labeled a "Garage vice" and has "Record 75" cast on the side I had to dig it out of the stuff pile.

I don't know if that rexord a common "English" vice design, but I does look "odd" to my US eyes. Most everything. japan dating app can the other vices around my shop are American made of various vintages. I have vicew that I have too many vises Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so.

Comment Post Cancel. Last edited by oldtiffie ;AM. The click the following article distance between two points is a circle of infinite diameter. Alistair Hosie. I seem to recall about 6 years ago or thereabouts a guy was caught at a major woodowrking exhibition here in the UK selling all manner of record impliments and they were all made in CHINA no surprises there eh guys?

Both vises I've gotten from this same seller are proudly marked made in Sheffield I don't doubt it, as the quality is first rate, and yes indeed they are odd looking things go here to the standard American fare.

But I really like the dating record vices and feel dating record vices these. The new rexord has a cool visit web page release feature for openning the jaws.

Works smooth as silk. Philip in China. Sheffield vices I once came by an absolutely wrecked link vice with a quick release datihg came on just as it cinched up tight so it was truly useless- but had had a very long vics hard life so I didn't mind. The two were virtually identical, apart from the name, and I suspect were both cast by the same specialist foundry datlng they were so similar.

Now there was a vice! Sorry to say I lost it through a combination of emigrating and a divorce dafing I wish I had it back! Remember 2 similar vices mounted on the same daring are very useful for working with long stock. Remember Baden Powell advised against solitary vices ;- Only vice I prefer to that one is my Vaughans blacksmiths recorrd.

I frequently sledgehammer on that one dating record vices of course leg vices are made to withstand that. That is why year old ones are still quite common. Once a year you should strip down your vice, clean and lubricate, replace any worn parts and a decent one will outlast any of us. Yet we still see them abused and worn out. Such a shame. I know its just a vice, but; Is the original design by Record?

What year was its "hayday"? Where there "factory accessories"? You know, just the general "old tool" my vise is new old stock questions. I don't think that is true since the "change" because it is all comming from China. I don't know if Paramo is still recore operation, because I don't live there and read the UK industrial news.

There dating record vices so many "cheaper copies" already on the market, I think that the idea of making the vises in China or India was a "non-start" for the "new owners". Like is was said, most of the "new" Record stuff is just "relabled" stuff out of Asia. Record Paramo Vaughans I thought everybody used the same colour of blue expat dating france login engineers blue.

My Vaughans blacksmiths vice is a paler blue but am not daging thet there is any significance in that. Woden was always wonderful vides. I don't know if they are still going. The Sheffield telephone directory contains an entry for Paramo tools. I don't know if they are the same people who supplied the vices to the British army. I suppose they are.

I do still believe, though, that for the toughest vice you will ever use you need a blacksmiths leg vice. If ever you see one at a sale buy it. You won't be disappointed. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.