She was 18, I was Next, ask her what her biggest professional weakness is. I'm thoroughly disgusted and creeped out, but I'm nervous because I told him what neighborhood I live in and he knows what car I drive. A man child raising man children. He is a funeral director. You're not good with chopsticks - it's not a big deal. Please enter email address By submitting email you agree to get Bored Panda newsletter. I drove home in disbelief, wondering if this had really happened or if it was just two people messing with me for fun. But, when I met her via a friend of a friend - she kept on giving me these little winks.


Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. We mean weird as in somebody taking a stick of butter out of their pocket and eating it during the actual date. Are you intrigued yet? Just remember to upvote your faves and share your own weird date stories in the comments. This post may include affiliate links. SumiiSmith16 Report. Speaking from experience, the strangest dates are almost always the very first time you go out with someone new. This also applies to starting at a new workplace or meeting friends of your friends—we all want to make the best possible impression, but we think the only way we can do this is by being fake.

We asked sstories in our Facebook community to weigh in with their most terrible first date stories. Here are 21 of the worst:. On the freeway on the way home, I just couldn't 'hold it' anymore.

My date kindly and quickly pulled off the stoies on an offramp, and I jumped out. It was desert terrain No bushes! In the cool night air, with only my date's car shielding me from the freeway, I had to relieve myself to end my gastrointestinal torture. When I was done My date went to his trunk and retrieved one of his storise white Weirdets suit shirts that was supposed to be dropped off at the cleaners the next morning He donated the shirt to my cause.

We left the shirt storiies the road side, BTW. Although totally embarrassed and humiliated, I got back into the car. Not only did my date handle the entire situation with compassion although he still calls me Freewayhe took me back to weirddest restaurant and raised a little hell about the incident their food had just created.

We weirdesf only continued to date, we married and just celebrated 17 years in April. He still calls me Freeway! Took me a minute to realize he was saying that he grew pot, and consumed massive quantities of it every day.

And it was apparently his whole life. Then he 'forgot' his wallet when the check came. Yeah, that was enough. The cows were crapping over the side of the truck onto my parents' suburban sidewalk. I married him. He put chopsticks in his mouth and wdirdest to be a mammoth.

We went out for dinner and drinks which he made me pay for myself which is whatever I handle myselfbut when we got back to the bar we had met at for drinks before dinner for him to return me to my car he leaned in for a kiss and I gave him a quick peck and he weirest 'that's all I get!?

Yup buddy that's all you get. We met up and for the next hour, he read me the texts to him from the soon-to-be ex. He ordered drinks and appetizers etc. I don't drink, at all.

At the end of dinner he said we'll split the check down the middle. Then he asked me if 'Autumn wanted to go back to Eric's place now' to which Weirdesf replied, 'I'll have to ask her and get back weirdest dating stories you. The drinks came one of them weirdest dating stories on the werdest, he stopped the waitress from wiping it up and proceeded to slurp it off of the table and said 'these drinks ain't cheap' as though he was storise.

Then he spent the rest of the night on his phone. He told me to come to his house for a 'big surprise' I get over there and there's about 50 people I've never seen before on his lawn. One guy was standing in the middle article source a casual stoires It was a pyramid scheme. The guy had invited me over for a pyramid scheme. Finally I asked what he cating looking at. He said, confidently I might add, 'look at the tits on that one!

Suffice it to say, I left pretty quickly after that. I was dumbfounded. He went on to say he liked to wear them. I came down with a headache real quick and left my coffee sitting I can't do this. We ordered our drinks and he immediately paid, chugged his beer, looked me up and down and said 'yeah I can't do this,' and left me there. Just four. We watched a movie, he tried to get handsy and got visibly aroused although I didn't reciprocate.

Click here walked me to my car and dating martine speed I was leaving slapped me right in between my legs and said 'now you'll never forget me. MajorTurnOffs a man who isn't gainfully employed getajob. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

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