But with that official confirmation, fans were left to knock off their constant fishing for information about "Hi" in the past. We are very close. Tae Tae is my favourite among all the BTS boys. Does he have a girlfriend? BTS doesn't have time to sleep how they can waste their time by dating.. Don't just go on spreading rumors. Over the weekend, photos of Taehyung riding the subway. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Instagram.


BTS is one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world, and they've basically taken over the airwaves. But have you ever given any thought to whether to not each member is in a relationship or not? If you're a huge fan, the idea has likely crossed your mind a few times — who wouldn't want to date one of the guys in the coolest Korean group going right now? It's a question many have asked, because while there have been a few rumors in the past, it hasn't been super clear whether V is actually seeing someone or if he's still very much single. It must be difficult, of course, as they're so ridiculously popular. Most of the group has insisted that they're single, and that's led fans to question whether they're only saying this to keep their professional lives intact. But more specifically, how about V, or Kim Tae-Hyung? Does he have a girlfriend? So in terms of the "straight" story, it seems like he's very much on the market. But some fans had wondered in the past if he might instead be dating a BTS fan named Hi.

BTS has been busy with the launch of its upcoming album, Maps of the Daring 7. The seven-member band has been busy dropping hints about their new music. Over the weekend, photos of Taehyung riding the g.

The singer was seen dressed in a puffer jacket much korean dating site for foreigners opinion a pair of matching pants for the local ride. Coincidentally, Kim Yoo Jung was also taking a ride on the local train.

She was wearing a colourful outfit while she stood amidst the crowd. She completed her OOTD with a pair of specs. She flashed her contagious smile for the picture. The pictures caused a commotion online. The photos led to fans fah that the two were riding together, thus sparking dating rumours. If yes, OMG!! Ma datinh is dating already! She's gorgeous. I approve," a fan tweeted. However, many fans shut down the rumours by clarifying that the two stars were riding the subway on two different days.

This is so ridiculous haahahahaha," added another fan. What is your take on the rumour? Do you v dating a fan V and Kim Yoo Jung are dating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Meanwhile, Taehyung was in the news for his adorable reaction to a v dating a fan during a Vating Voyage episode. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. Please don't spread q. It is easy to spread rumours but we should not forget that how will these rumours effect the idol.

These idols do so much for their fans but some people spread rumours that hurt the idols as well as their fans. Tae Tae is my favourite among all the BTS boys. He smiles like an idiot. Don't just go on spreading rumors. He is a good human being and it is very natural for a human being to date. Being a fan of him, i want him to be happy. If v dating a fan army is reading this, then let's cheer for our Bulletproof boys.

Spreading this kind of rumors are not at all healthy! Even if it's TRUE let them be! I believe in them and all the true ARMY should believe in them as if there is any such kind of news they will definitely let us know! Please don't believe this. If any of the BTS members are dating. I v dating a fan they will let us know fna it. He literally apologized for nothing. He felt down for days. They're all old enough to date and there is nothing wrong,if they are.

Ppl should stop spreading fake rumors. I saw a comment saying they rode on different days. If this is true then they are NOT dating! Geez V should not have keep explaining himself to stop fake rumors! Tbh I hate fans that hate on them when their dating because they are technically trying to controle their life's. Please don't spread any rumors.

Just let them breath. In a recent interview they've made this visit web page that none of them is dating anyone. So please respect their privacy.

Thank you. Can you let them breathe and do whatever they want to just bcoz they uk london jewish dating in same train doesn't mean they are dating okay. Oh please. Leave them alone for a moment. BTS rarely gets an opportunity fa live as a normal human being without a ridiculous rumour or "scandal". Oh guys please give these idols a break, if they are dating leave them alone its their life.

Datkng aren't obligated to give every single one of their personal info to the media. They are human are human too so please let them live their life as they want to. Oh shut the fuck up and leave them alone No one cares if they date or not, give them the privacy they deserve. You are right We should not make this small thing such a big issue that is there personal life.

This is not true. BTS doesn't have time to sleep how they can waste their time by dating. This is obviously fake I don't think soo cause everybody said that they were riding the metro on different days Maybe they are not dating because if they were dating i dont think that v would be sitting and the girl would be standing he is so good not to let a girl stand in the crowd. But if they are dating its soo cuteee awww Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement.

By continuing, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Skip for Now. What do you love reading about? Their individual photos sparked rumours that the two could be dating.

View this post on Learn more here. Stay updated with the latest entertainment,fashion and lifestyle news. Latest Videos. I can't believe it. For me,I think V and Jennie is better. Would bet all I ve for them to date they are just right for each other. V shouldn't be included in rumors like this, neither is any other idol.

How ridiculous. Riding on the subway even at the same time equals dating? What a stretch. It is their personal life V is a freeman. So what if they dating. V is not a thing to keep, he is a free man. Ooh great. I guess people are just over thinking and according to me it's just a rumour. No that can't be true I wish that it would be fake. Really if it is true I will be happy for him but at the same time sad for Jimin and Jungkook Your name.