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I'm just gonna put it out there that I wish there were still drive-in movie placss. Foggy windows, close quarters, and an hour and a half of uninterrupted hooking up? I think we're really missing out. Thank goodness olaces still have cars! If you can plan in advance, I recommend ditching the jeggings and going with something with a little more, um, access.

It's spring, so pull out that skirt you've been dying to wear and leave those stockings in the drawer. I mean, just in case. What's hooking up in the car without a soundtrack? The right tunes are sometimes all you need to for scotland social dating site think the mood into overdrive.

Unless you're an exhibitionist, I doubt you want people spying on you. Plces in a semi-secluded spot, preferably NOT under a streetlamp. And if you have a lookout point in article source neighborhood, you are the luckiest girl I know.

If you don't have a bench seat in the front I assume you're not driving your parents' old station wagon then you may need to do some rearranging. Nearly every car out there can be maneuvered to make for more leg room. Although the back seat is famously the best spot for smooching, you can also slide the passenger seat way dating options crossword and climb onto his lap—which is not so easy in the driver's seat with the steering wheel and all.

And whatever you do—watch out for that gear shift! You never know if you'll get places to hook up in a car away. It's always good to be prepared, so carry condoms or your birth contro l of choice in your bag. Also, tissues are never a bad idea if you need to do some "cleaning up" afterwards. How about some tips to add to the list?