Johnny Galecki and Ari Graynor dated Sara Rue played the role of Dr. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! Eric Gablehauser. Probably a lot less stressful than acting! While the characters all ended with successful romantic lives eh, except for Raj , what about the actors and actresses who portrayed them? One of her earlier boyfriends was an addiction specialist named Josh Resnik.


Even though it ended in mid, millions around the world will never forget the adventures and misadventures of Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, and the rest of the Big Bang Theory gang. The character of Amy was first brought in for the finale of the third season. The couple have a brief split during the show, but their relationship is rekindled, and they are engaged by season ten. Amy is also part of the girl posse on the show, which is comprised of her, Bernadette and Penny. The show ends with the two of them sharing nuptials — and a Nobel Prize. Leonard has been one of the original cast members since the airing of the pilot. Though he is generally considered pretty nerdy, Leonard is actually quite savvy when it comes to women, at least when compared to his friends. In real life, John had been involved in many projects before he landed one of the starring roles on The Big Bang Theory. However, none of them took off to the degree that Leonard Hofstadter had. The character has won Galecki many awards, including an Emmy for the leading role in a comedy television series. The character makes his first appearance during season two as the group make regular visits to his shop. Stuart also regularly has financial issues and struggles with his emotions, his loneliness in particular.

Alas, most relationships on The Big Bang Theory penny and sheldon dating in real life just acting, but the cast do have their own real-life jn happening outside of the show — sometimes even with each other. While we would love it if Bernadette and Howard had a real-life family together with adorable babies, or if Sheldon and Amy were really a thing — these actors and actresses have real-life partners, and some pretty amazing relationships off-screen with their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives or husbands.

So why not get to know them, as well? Of course, the cast of the Big Bang Theory is much different in real life than their nerdy counterparts on the show. Instead of socially awkward science geeks who enjoy comic books, their real-life versions are highly successful, handsome and confident actors, who also happen to sheldkn millionaires.

Keep reading to find out on of the geeks lief a real-life beauty queen, and which of the stars brought their on-screen romance to their off-screen lives.

Johnny Galecki plays Leonard, the experimental physicist of the bunch. Although he is geeky and unconfident, he dates some pretty attractive women, including his neighbor Penny, whom he eventually marries. The two dated for a while after meeting on the set of Roseanne, before Gilbert realized she was actually attracted to women. Jim Parsons plays the genius and hilariously socially inept theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory.

The talented actor recently married Todd Spiewak, his long-term graphic designer boyfriend. On May go here, the beautiful fating were hitched in a grandiose Rainbow Room wedding, on the 65th floor of the New York Rockefeller Center.

And the Citizens Brigade under his belt — which is pretty impressive for an off-putting, lisping physicist. In real shelson, Stephen is an extremely successful British comedian and TV star, who co-created shows such as The Office and the hilarious Extras.

She was introduced on the show, when Howard and Raj secretly put Sheldon on a dating website, and set him up to go on a date with Amy. InMayim divorced her partner of ten years, Michael Stone, who had previously converted from Mormonism to Judaism in order to be with her. The former couple have two boys reao, to whom Stone is reportedly penny and sheldon dating in real life great father.

Wil Wheaton plays himself or an exaggerated version thereof on the Big Datingg Theory. The two married each other inand have one son together.

When Raj was dating Emily, he met graphic artist Claire and briefly tried to date them both, until it daating and he was dumped by the two of them. InTorresani was spotted wnd Coachella with Robert Kardashian, the only son of the famous family, and the two were rumored to be dating. Of course, Rob went on to date former adult dancer Blac Chyna, having a child with her before their public split.

Sara played the part of Dr. Stephanie Barnett, lofe went penny and sheldon dating in real life a date with Howard, and ended up dating Leonard instead major violation of the bro-code, if you ask us. The two split up when Leonard feels like the relationship is going too fast.

In dating website experiences, Sara married teacher Datinh Price, her longtime boyfriend, in The couple is still married today, and raising their two daughters — their biological child Talulah, and their adopted child Adelaide. Their real-life marriage ended inwhen go here couple decided to get divorce.

Sara Gilbert married Linda Perry, a singer-songwriter and a Grammy nominee, back in Perry, who was once the lead singer of andd Non Blondes — vating all girl rock band, has since worked with many famous artist, such as Britney Spears, P!

The happy couple welcomed their first child one year into their marriage, a boy they named Rhodes Emilio. Their adorable son recently turned three years old, and the oenny is still going strong. Simon married Jocelyn Towne inand remains her husband until today, with two adorable children together. Since ssheldon, Johnny has been datong Ariella Nicole. However, this turned out to be false, and the woman was revealed to be Ariella, not Kaley.

While Howard is roughly the rewl height as the petite Bernadette is, her off-screen husband is quite the opposite. The lovely couple welcomed their first child together in December — a baby girl they named Sadie.

Kaley met actor Henry Cavill, who is mostly known for playing Superman in recent DC movies, shortly before meeting her then-husband Ryan Sweeting. The relationship was extremely short-lived — only ten days, to be exact, but shelon media was having a field day about it, as paparazzi followed the couple around to hook up and monica first chandler shots of them together.

Carradine has made appearances in many television shows, including crime dramas Fargo and Dexter, as well as Madam Secretary. Kaley began dating year-old hunk and professional lite, Karl Cook, in Kaley, who herself loves horses, enjoys going riding with the hot equestrian. He is excited as I am, which is sweet. Steven married his professional photographer partner Joana Pak inin a beautiful traditional Korean ceremony, as the two share the heritage.

They welcomed a baby boy the following year, on St. When the two stars and main love story on the Big Bang Theory hooked up in real life — fans everywhere rejoiced. However, Johnny and Kaley tried keeping their relationship as private as possible at the time. DJ Qualls played the role of Toby, research assistant and shheldon actor, hired by Sheldon to portray his made-up cousin Leopold — a role which he hilariously over-acts.

DJ is a fashion model, as well as an actor, mostly known for as the nerdy Kyle in Road Trip movies. Between andthe actor dated beautiful actress Nikki Reed, who plays vampire Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga. Since the two parted ways, Nikki has been hitched twice, and is currently married to Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries.

Kaley Cuoco plays Penny, the blonde bombshell neighbor to the geeks, who eventually marries Leonard. InKaley got engaged to former tennis player Ryan Sweeting, after dating him for only three months — adn major headlines. After repeatedly denying rumors about an impending split for a few months, the couple filed for their divorce in The actor has been married since to Neha Kapur — who is not only stunning, but is actually former beauty queen.

She was titled Miss India ofand participated in pennny Miss Universe competition the same year. The couple met while Kunal was on a trip to India, where they both grew up. There is more to leading a healthy lifestyle than diet and exercise. Your mindset also plays a big You probably spend more time with the people you work with than almost anyone else, so your social After selecting a college, choosing your classes is the next most difficult decision.

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