Players Online 20 MC Version: 1. Hello Hello! Alors qu'attends-tu? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Players Online 92 MC Version: 1. Our World ;. Accepted Staff Applications. We are are a Pixelmon server, online for several years now with active staff, daily and weekly event and much more! Bumped recently.


Servers Reviews. Discord Servers Yandere Discord servers tagged with Yandere. Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of servers. Get link Mute this server Report this server. This town is located in unmarked regions on maps and modern technology. Shorten Lore: The city was located in unmarked regions on maps and modern technology. Aesthetic is allowed as well for Anime Theme. Join this Server. Community This is a friendly community of people who identify as yandere! All forms of yanderes are allowed. We are a friendly dating community looking to grow.

Servers Reviews. Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with minecraft-rp. Discord Servers minecraft-rp Discord servers tagged with minecraft-rp. Tags similar to minecraft-rp realistic mlp minecraft naruto school german league-of-legends rp role-play erp roleplay art Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of 33 servers. Rosetta Kingdom minecraft dating roleplay server Co.

Sandbox Games Get link Mute this server Report this server. We are also a minecraft and gaming server with others to offer.

Join this Server. Community We are a Minecraft roleplaying community. What the heck is Minecraft roleplaying? It's normal rping as you would do on discord, but instead on Minecraft so you have the freedom sorry, how to know if youre dating a good guy consider visualize and customize your skin to look like your character and the world around you to look like the setting.

On this server, you can meet new people to talk to and roleplay with. It's friendly and most importantly the people here genuinely enjoy a good roleplay on Minecraft. Yes, we do genuinely enjoy this. We know it's hard to find people to roleplay with on Minecraft, so we created this read article to make it easier.

Minecraft dating roleplay server your own roleplays or join existing ones here. Our goal is to help those who like to roleplay on Minecraft to find each other. Happy roleplaying! Welcome to Minecraft roleplays! We're a realm based roleplaying server exclusively on java, and realms! Even if you don't have minecraft, you can still talk to people who like discord roleplays, etc!

Simulation Games 7. Bienvenue sur AloniteRP, un serveur minecraft roleplay minecraft dating roleplay server 1. Alors qu'attendez vous pour nous rejoindre? Welcome to The Village! RPG Games Akalia - Minecraft RP. Sandbox Games 7. Welcome to Akalia! Currently this server is basic so not much is in it, but I sure would like help! Our World. Other 6. This server is for people who are interested in playing Minecraft on Xbox One and too make new friends along the way! We'd like to keep the server for personal reasons and please no curing out of respect for other members!

Emerald Isles [Minecraft RP]. Our server happily welcomes those looking to RP in the world or those just looking for a high fantasy setting for their spellcasters or fantasy characters. Continue reading welcome writers and creatives of all skill levels!

We're open to suggestions! Come and vibe! Panda Land Military Academy. Other 3. This is a server that people do military rps and other random things. We use full grammar in chats, and have strict rules that all must follow. The Realm Of Alteria. Hi where a ninecraft server that does rp and events we are a survival server where griefing is allowed hacks are not and if we catch u and we wil u wil be taken good care off!

It's a minecraft erp server, join it if you like Minecraft titties. Rejoins nous! All Games 3. Other Feel free to go here our server, we have an excellent moderation team as well as roleplay channels and special roles! We also have game servers under development!

Join us and check it out! Hope you enjoy your stay! Sandbox Games 3. Minecraft Bedrock Rp. This is a Minecraft bedrock edition only sever where you can start you own CityState or Country and more Pixelmon Battle City. RPG Games 9. RPG Games 2.

Tu te demandes surementqu'est ce que ce serveur? C'est bien simple! Amateur de rp? LGDC " Une saga de livre.

Alors qu'attends-tu? Sandbox Games 6. This is an original minecraft roleplay series. It may be made into a video series on youtube if we get someone who is an expert colt cobra dating camera angles and stuff. Currently, we're looking for active xbox users to join the roleplay.

Voice is required A few exceptions however. But this is no ordinary high school. It's a school for millionaires, famous player, composers, artists, you name it! Will she survive high school as a second class?? Minecraft Bedrock Xbox Live Server. Community 9. Le just click for source est de vous refaire une vie.

De vivre dans les 10 dizaines de villes et 2 pays qu'il y a. Alors vous attendez quoi pour rejoindre ce serveur?!