Cute, I guess? By Lindsey Kupfer. To laugh at yourself is to love yourself - Mickey Mouse Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own - Donald Duck. Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette has already included a box king , a fence jump, and one guy who got sent home pretty much immediately RIP Scott , so it's already packed full of drama. Today is the day! Hope he brought the Trojans! They seriously have no chemistry at all. Photos: ABC.


As it turns out, there are still super attractive former Bachelorette contestants who are looking for love. His tales also spoke to my heart since dating in New York is an absolute nightmare. The last time we saw Michael Garofola, he was on Bachelor in Paradise. He came in hoping for a shot with Tenley, but with three guys chasing her, he didn't last long. I personally think Tenley should have chosen Michael over Joshua, but what do I know? Since the show ended, he moved back home to New York from Texas and has been working as general council for an international trading company. He then had to explain exactly what that meant since I know literally nothing about the law. Not to mention, he lives in a great part of NYC and has an adorable dog. Who wouldn't want to swipe right on Michael G.? He says he's on some dating apps, so keep a look out ladies!

This week on The Bachelorettewe head to the exotic island of Madeira, which is bachelotette somewhere in the middle of Africa and Portugal. Whoever makes it to the next round will get to bring Des home and pretend to be in love in front of their families! Everyone better start declaring their undying love for Des if they want to stick around! The episode starts off with Des and the guys sailing around on some sort of pirate ship as you do.

Um…probably quite whining and worrying about what the other guys are doing, bro. After their sail around the island, the guys unload into their expansive suite. First, though, Catherine gives us an update on her and Sean.

Hey, look on the bright side, gals, you michafl have a shot at Bachelor Pad ! Catherine, keeping it classy, randomly bachelorettw Desiree which guy she thinks has the biggest, um, package. We know where her mind is at these days. Must be all of his crappy poems? They Smart-Car off into the hills of Madeira and stop to look over the cliffs. Good job guys? Later, they head to a rooftop bachslorette dinner and Brooks said that his family took it really hard when he broke up with the last michael g bachelorette dating girl he was dating.

He tells us he really wants to take her home to meet his family next week. They walk out of the house and as soon as Chris notices that all the guys are spying on them from the hotel room, he makes Desiree hold his grimy mitt.

Save it for the freaking Fantasy Suite, ya nasty! No one wants to see that! Hope he brought the Trojans! However, it turns out what he wants to do is have them write one of their signature crappy poems together and then stuff into it a bottle and throw it into the ocean.

Well, at muchael some Portuguese fisherman will get quite a hoot out of how bad it is when it eventually washes ashore. Later that night, Desiree and her skirt that looks like it michael g bachelorette dating made out of colorful bendy straws meets up with Chris for dinner at a winery. Of course! First, Des asks Chris if he thinks his family will like her. After two dates. Why are we even kidding ourselves here? We all know this guy is getting the boot micharl the end of the episode. Anyway, they stroll through the streets with no destination except, of course, all the places the producers have set up dates for them at.

They seriously have michaell chemistry at all. The conversation gets awkward really fast, and every time it falters, Michael just starts gushing about how perfect Des is. They share an awkward bachelorettw, and then go down a hill in cart-like thing. Are all of these sappy metaphors really necessary? The following day is the 2-on-1 date with Drew and Zak.

Zak, on the other hand, is really excited and fun, so Desiree seems to be leaning toward giving him the rose. Drew and Zak race each other and Drew busts out a signature cheesy line. Zak tells Desiree more info guessed asian christian canada Chris Harrison has a chat with Desiree before she goes into the cocktail party. That always makes for a good hometown date!

My husband asks me why I watch this show. Because I have to!!! Then I wait patiently for The Ashley recap!! Michael G is going to be the next Bachelor. Maybe he can aesthetically challenged site his mommy on the show. Your recaps are the reason I keep watching this train wreck! Thank you for datint hilarious reflections that actually add some humor to dtaing nonsense.

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I feel like I need a cigarette after watching continue reading scene. You can just eating those cart-pushers totally hate them. Photos: ABC. The Ashley. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.