Trending News. All you can do about ignorance and hatred is ignore it. Race usually takes on the twist of culturally divisive angst. Job applicants 'ghosted' by 'selfish' employers. Did you feel different growing up? I know a girl who has interracial children and she named them all after liquors because it was "ghetto". I'm asian and i have a caucasian bf It's rather long but hopefully helpful.


I am an Anthropology major and lil' curious. Yes I have. I have always dated white girls even though I look hispanic. Keep in mind that i am a 5th generation american, so I lost touch with my roots long ago. But in my opinion it would be difficult for a first generation hispanic to date someone outside of their race because of the cultural differences. In some instances it works out, very rarely. For every relationship that I've been in the guy has been of a different "race". I mean, I'm mixed so I can't really judge. It really is true that we're all just part of the "human race", especially in love. Cnote Lv 6. Answer Save. Ernest J Folk Lv 6.

What is your guys honest opinion about interracial dating? Does your family agree, disagree? Would you prefer to date outside your race? I do, my dad has problems about it, but he is not the one in the relationship, he don't say anything to me.

I am just curious about other people. There's men - there's women. There's up - there's down. There's left - There's right. There's East - there's West. There's white - there's black.

There's red - there's blue. There's Heaven - there's Earth. There's dogs - there's cats. Well I think its fine. There are some very racist people out there- I saw an interview once and a white man was asked "Would you rather your daughter be dating a Black Harvard Grad or a White Supremist in prison for a violent offense" You'd think the answer's obvious but the guy said "NEITHER! But I don't care what anyone else thinks as long as Datin happy and not yahhoo myself, they can't say anything to me.

My husband is W. Indian, my oldest daughter's datinb is Cape Verdean and our son is half W. I live in a place where there is much interracial dating, marriage and children, so people here seem pretty tolerant.

I live in Mass. I haven't dated a white man in many many tears, not because of those "bigger" you know what stereotypes which, trust continue reading, is def. Some people prefer blondes, I prefer men of color. My Mom who has since died was pretty cool about it, as is one of my sisters, but another one of my sisters is a little weird about it.

Interracial dating yahoo answers my experience, the people who usually have the most issue with my choices are white men-I am not sure if they feel threatened or insecure or what. If you are dating good guys, who treat you well and are respectful, that is what matters most. Good luck! I've only ever dated outside my own race, not that I have click here against mine it's just that's all that ever seems to asian site affiliate my way.

My parents I know would prefer I date a Latina but they give whoever I'm with a chance so that's a good thing. I am white and my boyfriend is Turkish we have been together two and a half years now Interrqcial love him more interracial dating yahoo answers day. My mother thinks he great, my father wasn't too happy at first datihg now that he sees that my boyfriend is a good person he looks past his race. I feel that it doesn't matter what race or religion a person is as long as you both respect each others differences.

I wouldn't mind you date someone out of my race, we all are interracial dating yahoo answers, and that person makes me happy then I shouldn't care what other people is going to say about. And besides interracial couples have very cute babies. There's no color on love, eventually, if you date long enough, you'll fall in love and it'll be from the inside, not the outside. However, I personally am not attracted to males that don't have a "dark completion" so I've never given myself a chance to interracisl with another race.

I don't know how he would react but in my opinion he has no say. My mother I don't see a problem with it as long as you are happy. Answer Save. Favourite answer. As long as the guy treats you fine and takes good care of you what can you do? What do see more think of the answers?

You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. My dad has been married to a woman from Thailand for 2? Hell, ain't no other person that looks like me, so every date for me is interracial. Show more answers 6. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.