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Is a single hook rig better than a double? Is my trolling speed too fast? Can tag lines improve my hook up percentage? These are just a few questions most of us immediately ask ourselves when we miss a marlin bite and our hook-up percentage is not what we think it should be. Catching 1 out of every 2 marlin bites with your lures is above average. After you gain enough experience you will become the expert and know of other ways to increase your own hook-up ratio. And as always- a little luck never hurts along the way. Bart Miller Is a single hook rig better than a double? Trolling speed and lure behavior. This is probably one of the most important factors—making sure your lures are running right. The biggest tip I can offer here is to keep your lures swimming smoothly, avoid letting them get out of control such as spinning or jumping out of the water. Skipping them just under or on the surface is good. Each lure will have different running characteristics but your mind set should be so that you are giving the marlin the best chance at attacking your lure spread as possible. If you find yourself trolling along in choppy water, find a speed which will keep the lures in the water—this usually means slowing down, or trolling a weighted slant or degree head.

By keeping a log of how every blue marlin hit a lure in the spread, the author was able to determine that the mass majority of fish attack from below the lure, sweeping from the inside of the spread outward toward clean water.

Photo by Charlie Levine. This diagram shows how marlin attack lures fished off of the outriggers and flat lines. The shotgun lure was more randomly hit. To achieve an average catch rate of 80 percent, the author offsets the angle of his hooks by 10 degrees. Courtesy of Steve Campbell.

When fishing lures for blue marlin, the majority of the fish are hooked on the side of their mouth. To increase your hook-up rate, offset your hooks so they run at a degree angle toward the propwash, since most blue marlin attack from the inside out. Rigging specific lures for each side of the spread beforehand and labeling them makes it much easier to deploy the spread hook up marlin you get offshore.

Some lures may not run their best with an offset hook angle so you may need to experiment a bit. Search Go. Strike and Fight Understanding blue marlin bite behavior and tips to improve your catch rate. By Steve Campbell. Understanding How Marlin Strike and Fight Understanding blue marlin bite behavior and tips to improve your catch rate. Photo Inquires: jeremiah surfline. The center rigger or shotgun lure is the more info position from the boat.

This lure runs in cleaner, less disturbed water. The strike most certainly has something to do with vision and equally important, an underlying survival instinct. Predators themselves are most vulnerable from attack when they are stalking or launching an attack and being highly evolved predators, I am convinced that blue marlin have the perfect strategy. Before they attack the lure they already have an exit plan.

The marlin takes the lure on the inside and escapes out into clean water hook up marlin from the boat wash. You will have a better chance of securing a hook-up simply because blues approach from the inside of the pattern, then sweep and bite, exiting out into clean water away from the boat wash. Running twin hook rigs can similarly be rigged to take advantage of the bite behavior.

The offset hook is better positioned click at this page initially locate the hook point for subsequent embedment, creating a hook position that best matches business!

sheena iyengar speed dating commit physical strike and bite behavior of the marlin. We tested the theory by actually off-setting the hook the opposite way, facing the hook toward the outside of the wash.

The hook-up rate was simply hook up marlin This demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the strike-and-flight observation had substance. Depending on the lure and or the actual hook-set design, some lures may not run their best with an offset hook angle.

Concentrate on those lures that do to achieve a consistent 80 percent strike-to-catch rate. Furthermore, if you use a stiff, single-hook rig, the chance of a clean mouth hook-up is even greater but that is a whole new topic, the details of which will be featured in a future article.

To read more of the author's blue marlin observations, check out his book, " Blue Marlin Magic ," available at Wild River Press. Already A FishTrack Click Log In Cancel.

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