Vertical installation for clean liquids. Genital herpes free. In the case of having a descending fluid, the impulse piping must be configured as shown below. Your email. These documents detail to the instrument fitter how the installation is supposed to be done. The 2 filling tees must be at same elevation. In this way, the lower the beta ratio , the lower the requirement for the length of straight sections. As a general rule the instruments should be mounted as close as possible to the impulse intakes and in areas with high ventilation.


This post is mainly a set of rules for the orifice plate installation like an orifice flow meter installation guidelines. In order that a flow instrument may accurately read flow, it's necessary that the installation comply with certain rules. Follow the recommendations regarding elimination of flow disturbances, and the general layout and piping data. The section of the pipe in which the primary element is installed mat be horizontal, inclined or vertical. The direction of the flow is immaterial except when a foreign substance such as sediment or vapor is carried in suspension. In this case it is preferable to install the primary element in vertical section of the line with the flow in such a direction that the foreign substance will readly carry on trough the primary element, i. The Orifice Meter must be installed in the proper orientation relative to the pipe and the fluid measured. Pipe fittings and valves upstream from the primary element generate swirls and crosscurrents, which if uncorrected by a straightening vane may considerably upset the flow measurement. For accurate measurement the use of straightening vanes is usually imperative; however, if we are mainly concerned in the comparison of relative values or in control, vanes may be unnecessary. Also, if the only source of disturbance is a single bend, ell, tee, or reducer preceding the orifice plate run, straightening vanes effect no improvement. The minimum recommended lengths for upstream and downstream for optimum accuracy are shown below. Shorter lengths can be used, although this will reduce the accuracy of the system. To be able to have the required precision, it is necessary that our pipe has a previous straight run long enough to avoid disturbances in the fluid that will change in the flow profile that the orifice plate receives.

Please tell me any link to view the example drawings for that. A mechanical hookup drawing is used to show how an instrument is to be mounted on the plant. For example, there are a number of ways of attaching a pressure gauge to a pipeline; some never late dating them are correct and some are incorrect depending upon what is in the pipe.

The purpose of the drawing is to show the individual with the spanners what to do. Electrical connections are usually shown on a termination diagram. They show the individual with the wire strippers and ferrule crimpers what hook up drawing orifice do. Https:// individual with the wire strippers has a different skill set compared to the individual with the spanners, though after some experience there is usually considerable overlap between these individuals' capabilities.

You can have a look at www. You can also have a look at www. Pneumatic Hookup drawing relates to connection of devices which require air or nitrogen for motive force, purging etc. The quantities of all components are provided.

These drawings may detail what materials are required to fabricate the instrument supports or what type of supports and fixtures are required. Electrical Hookup diagrams are essentially to detail power and signal connections, they may also include any interconnections with other devices and any available connections for communication purposes.

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Rating Vote:. Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Score 5. Add Vote. I have basic idea about hookup. There are few hookup type as below 1. Process Hookup 2. Pneumatic hookup 3. Electircal Hookup 4. Mounting Hookup The above are further classified based as below A. Pipe fiting B. Tube Fiting. Interested in this topic? By joining CR4 you can "subscribe" to this discussion and receive notification when new comments are added. Location: In the bothy, 7 chains down the line from Dodman's Lane level crossing, in the nation formerly known as Great Britain.

Kettle's on. Anonymous Poster. But i need to view each one example of all hookup. Could you tell me link or website. Regards, Craig. Process Hookup drawing relates to all process measuring just click for source and details; 1. In general these hookups provides the details of the installation to ensure proper operation. These documents detail to the instrument fitter how the installation is supposed to be done.

The mounting or installation diagram shows; 1. The orientation of the instrument i. I hope seems am i a hook up are this helps.

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