The reason for this is simple: because I just do! Unfortunately, the George Harvey knot is difficult to remove. Messages 1, Reaction score 32 Location Akron Ohio don't let that fool you. Pretty much depends on how you desire the hook point to ride, up or down and if you intend to use weighted eyes. Listed in category:. Macauley Lord, casting instructor and author: What I know : Up vs. Messages 1, Reaction score 12 Location Grand canyon of Pa. Not at all what one would want. Search titles only.


By: Philip Monahan. Have a question you want answered? Question: My fishing partner claims that you should always thread the tippet UP through the eye of the hook when tying on a fly. Does it ever matter whether you thread the tippet up or down through the eye? Down-Eye Hook: Improved Turle knot, leader inserted from bottom. Dick Talleur photo. Answer: I had to laugh when I read this because it sparked a memory from when I was guiding in Montana in I was standing in the driveway of the lodge in Paradise Valley with fellow guide Geoff Unger when a client walked up and asked us which way to thread his tippet. I always go down through the eye. Lo and behold, Jeff M. So I threw the question out to a host of experts and got lots of fascinating and some thoughtful responses:. Ted Leeson, author: I think your questioner is essentially correct—his partner is full of it. Certainly not with loop-type knots.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Flies swimming hook up or hook down. Thread starter twr Start date Feb od, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. What's up everybody!? Ive been on the forum for a few weeks and have learned a lot while on here as I have just recently started to jump into fly tying.

Well one thing that I have not found though is, How do you online dating service reviews if the fly you are tying is going to swim hook up or hook down? I understand using the SBS instructions downn tying certain flies they should swim like they are designed, but if I were to make up my own fly design, how would I know how to ty it to make sure it swims like I hoom it to?

Thanks in advance for any info. Messages 1, Reaction score 12 Location Grand canyon of Pa. I think some of the epoxies will flip a fly over because they throw the balance of a hook off. Rip Tide Well-known member. Messages 9, Reaction score Location quiet corner, ct.

There's only a couple of ways to purposely get a fly to fish with the hook point up. Messages 6 Reaction score 0. Beat me to it! Many of the European fly fishing competitors now tie all of their flies on jig hooks since they float hook up, letting the nymph bounce along the bottom better with fly hook up or down chance of snags.

Seems to work well. Here's a link to the Umpqua CBL hooks for example:. Last edited: Nov 8, With the jig hooks how would you tie a nymph? Liphookedau Guest. Messages 4, Reaction score 60 Location Western Montana. Last edited: Mar 15, Messages 1, Reaction score 32 Location Akron Ohio don't let that fool you. More and more the nymphs I do tie u; so nondescript that it doesn't matter if they are upside down sideways or what have you.

Wrap a small soft fly hook up or down at the head and you have a buggy looking "in the round". You must log in or more info to reply here.