Blue Peter gets its 40th presenter. It was a watershed moment for the agencies too, as they confirmed the relationship prior to that, most agencies would deny it, even in the face of proof. I stopped reading at the old couples thing. Y announce their comeback with 'Phase Two: WE'. Joining hyuna and exo kai exo-krystal f x 's krystal, chanyeol, don't be just after. Night Mode. Is a sham. Notmykl pts Tuesday, January 29, 0 Tuesday, January 29, While I do think that it is possible that their relationship could be just media play, there is some evidence that I feel prove otherwise.


Fans everywhere were surprised by the sudden revelation. I am a big fan of both Jennie and Kai and do not wish to disrespect them in any way. Starting with the biggest theory revolving Jenkai, it would be that this was all just media play. This is a big possibility as it has happened before numerous times in the media industry. Some people might think that Jenkai is just for publicity since it makes sense for two popular members of two famous groups to be dating one another to gain attention. By right, this could just spark more attention to be placed on each idol, gaining them and their groups more recognition. While I do think that it is possible that their relationship could be just media play, there is some evidence that I feel prove otherwise. However, since this could be staged, I will be bringing up other points as well. While media play is not something uncommon, it is not as common in the K-pop industry as in the Hollywood industry. However, there have been cases where fans even take to bash their favorite Idol when news about them dating have been revealed. When they were revealed to be dating, both Idols received immense backlash and both lost many fans and fansites because of their dating scandal. Dating news is rarely taken well in Korea and it makes little sense for an agency to want a dating scandal to arise, unless there is a reason for there to be, as a distraction from something else.

Five years after debut it is not easy as there have been many scandals that have made EXO loose their identity. Kris and Luhan left EXO in by filing several demands because they feel aggrieved by SM Entertainment, while Tao left EXO because of injuries that he did not recover from and was treated badly by the agency. Initially they had denied and said that their relationship is just as friends. Before debut, Baekhyun already liked Taeyeon, because he thought Taeyeon was a senior figure who exo t dating scandal very friendly and concerned with his junior.

Not long after, SM Entertainment confirmed their relationship and they have been together for more dating a freshman girl 3 months.

However, their relationship was widely criticized by here so they chose to dating scan up. Their scandal unfolded after they were both caught visiting a hotel to swim together and they kissed in the pool became public. Despite the many criticisms from fans, they chose to relax on relationships.

However, now they choose to split up because of their schedules. The last is a scandal about Lay as he was absent from the schedule with EXO several times. Even during the concert, Lay did not participate and was busy with his own schedule in China such as solos and dramas. Lay could not take a job because of a problem between Thailand and Korea. At that time, it was not yet aired but some scandals have already hit the Idol School trainees. Ukrainian american of them is Lee Chae Yeong, she is rumored to be a bully in her school.

She even had to be removed from school because of her bad attitude. Netizens even prove it with a photo of Lee Chae Yeong while still in school. The agency said that the he did not drive more than a kilometer while moving his car, but he was obliged to do a blood test. Home Entertainment Contact Us. Must Read. Maharatrie - October 4, 0.

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