What he should have been doing after she dumped him was try to win her back. I can give her credit for not lying about and youre exclusive now so try to work towards forgive and forget. Dating someone your friend slept with. I guess she had a moment of weakness, or maybe she was simply drunk dialing you. I Recommend. Absolutely, but since when were relationships merely based upon logic and devoid of feeling? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. She has no right to question his loyalty, after leaving him! Getting unexpectedly dumped can be emotional hell for most guys.


Getting unexpectedly dumped can be emotional hell for most guys. Even if it was a bad relationship or the woman was a liar and a cheater, the ego does not like letting go of the relationship it became identified with. This causes suffering. When we want reality to be other than it is, we suffer. In other words, until we learn to let go of what was and no longer is after a breakup, we will suffer. Irrational emotions and fears will most often override our own good judgment and the good judgment of those who care about us. Therefore, most guys will give anything to get their lying and cheating girl to take them back. The following is an e-mail from a reader who got unexpectedly dumped. She also admitted she slept with another guy. My comments are in bold brackets like this in the body of his e-mail:. She broke up with me a month ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks. We were long distance so we talked a lot. It went from her calling me ALL the time, texting me throughout the day, just wanting to talk to me to tell me how she felt and other things.

Looking at the way she no longer interested in you and have affection no more, you suspect her for the signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else. Look up for more of the signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else. The first thing that make you suspect her is because she dating someone slept with someone else to have a new technique in bed.

You are excited but somene wondering at the same time? Why did she do that? Where could he learn it? Or just she is acting innocent? Something new has happened. She find her confidence in bed. It could be that she has just slept with someone else so that her confidence level is going up.

She feels like that she has proved herself to be that great in bed. Guys has typical taste when it daating to bed, click the following article they has their own fetish. Suddenly she does things that you never expect her to do. It makes you have somdone gut feeling that she might be sleeping with someone else.

If a girl is not that experienced, she wity not likely to the one to initiate the sex. As it become a big deal for her, she can manage it easily because she has it with someone else. Your suspicion comes out probably because you see her dzting herself too well. She shave check this out the hair she has up to most intimate part. Making you wonder for whom did she do all of it. You get hurt so much knowing that she slept with someone else.

But you need to reflect on yourself, to find out the reasons why would she cheat on you. But you have to deal with the situation no matter what. Here are how you can behave after find out your soomeone has just slept with someone else.

It someoen hurt to realize the signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else. But this is a reality you must face, so deal wisely with the situation. It may brings a new light to your relationship. Close Menu Home. About Women. Post Views: 6, Tags datingloverelationship.