Damon starts season 4 at Elena's bedside after finding out about her dying with vampire blood in her system, causing her to start the transition to Vampire. She then cures herself of her immortality by feeding off Silas. She also becomes aware of the existence of Katherine Pierce, the woman who turned the Salvatore brothers into vampires in , and to whom Elena bears a striking physical resemblance. Ever guilty that he survived the car crash, Matt extends his wrist to Elena for a mid-morning snack. Damon had fished it out of the river. As Elena was placed in a sleep by Kai Parker, she would have remained that way until Bonnie died. Eventually, Matt and Katherine, who is disguised as Elena, arrive at the party, but they learn that Klaus is planning something of his own. And we are craving to see two lovers making that kind of sacrifices for each other again. She gets Damon to distract Klaus so she can talk to Stefan and drug him with vervain but it doesn't work.


Nina Dobrev, who played the role of Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries, and Ian Somerhalder who featured as Damon Salvatore, started dating in real life after their onscreen characters fell in love with each other. However, she started developing feelings for Damon and the two started romancing each other from season 4. Their real-life connection helped them add fireworks to their onscreen chemistry. Nina and Ian dated for three years and broke many hearts when they decided to call it quits in And dating for about 6 months, the two decided to get married. Reportedly, Ian and Nikki walked down the aisle in April and Nina said goodbye to the show the very next month. To top it all, a rumour back in the day suggested that Nina and Nikki were friends way before Ian started dating the Twilight actor. However, after keeping quiet for a while, Nina and Ian took to their social media handles to put all the rumours to rest. In , they posted a cozy picture of them with Nina, happily posing for the camera. In the caption, he mentioned that it was the first time the two had ever met and enjoyed an evening together. After the actress was done shooting the show, a viewer asked Nina about her relationship with the couple.

As ethically challenged and immoral as Damon Salvatore was, The Vampire Diaries fans could never hate the character thanks to his irresistible charm. Qnd show, that featured Ian Somerhalder as Damon, first aired on the television in and ran for 8 seasons. For the major part of the first three seasons, we saw the elder Salvatore brother hurting people around him, and we still had a soft spot for him. Of course, it all paid off when he turned into a good guy after falling head over heels in love with Elena Gilbert Nina Dobrev.

Induring an interaction with Digital Spy, the actor mentioned that he did not like the idea of turning his originally evil character into a good guy and also admitted that he loved playing the antagonist in the show.

The actor remembered calling Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, who developed the series, and being furious about the plot twist. In the very first season, he ended up killing his own nephew. The pain he felt while watching his friend die one day at a time after she was bitten by a werewolf, changed him forever. I was so pissed that Damon had taken this turn. And I remember this scene, I remember reading this scene in the script where Damon has to kill Rose and he's in love with Rose.

The creators please click for source sat him down and discussed the storyline with Ian. They insisted that the character had to develop and grow with the show and it was time for Damon to get in touch with his humanity so that liff could take to story further. This is the episode arc, well literally almost episode dmaon of this character!

You can't be a one-trick pony forever. Ian still insisted that it was a bad idea and salvatoge that the plotline would ruin the character. However, he eventually understood why they needed Damon gilbedt become well-rounded in order to survive 8 seasons without making it look boring.

He mentioned that saovatore playing Damon, he dting how the audience work. From the very damon salvatore and elena gilbert dating in real life, the fans fell in love with Stefan because of how kind, caring, and loving he was.

This is why the creators took people by surprise when his character spiralled out of control and started killing salvaatore after switching off his humanity. I was like crying after every three episodes.

Elena is like holding me and rocking me like salvatode child. I love all characters good or bad salvatode no difference especially you know it is click to see more movie.

I love Damon Salvatore and there can't be any good or bad in love. Damon was the guy that I likethe role he play was good evening though he was a bad person. I like the bad boy in him. It's a shame vampire Diary didn't last longer. I love Damon in general, that's all I gotta say. This right!

friends dating site opinion is just awful I mean there is no differnce btwn good or evil I loved Damon as a bad Vampire. But when he started changing to be better for Elena, I loved him more. Ian Somerhalder is and was the best Vampire ever. I miss TVD. I loved the bad Damon.

But when he started trying to begood for Elena I loved him more. Ian Somerhalder elenx the best Vampire ever. And I miss him and TVD. I like Damon as a bad vampire, however it was a good thing to change it up but he would go back n forth so it definitely kept it interesting.

Da,on really loved seeing Stephen as a bad vampire you wanna see some excitement and I loved it! I love Damon's character and I agree, no matter how bad his character and actions, people still love him becaue it's Ian Somerhalder. He portrayed Damon' character pretty well and he's really good looking. Yes Vampire Diaries was disappointing on the way it ended. But the Originals is WAY better.

And even better then that, the Legacies is about all the kids. Like the twin girls from Rick. And Hope Michelson. Freaking Amazing. The Vampire Diaries is the awesome show and i am lucky i see all the seasons Damon i support you from season 1 and you always entertain the fans i like your experiences you made all the time and my favorite scence when you holding Bonnie's bear talk about Stefan and Caroline you are amazing and i want to see season 9 please.

The Vampire Diaries is loved by almost all the people that watch it. I currently finished season 6, but I really am dreading of watching further cause Elena's in a sleeping spell. I read the comments here and they say that when Elena finally woke up, Damon and Elena's reunion was kinda boring and involved read more lame hug.

Well, this is elens reason dzmon series suffer, when the characters don't get along in real life or if they break datimg after dating. I think that this should not happen, because, acting is a completely different aspect of their life and they should not let their real life matters get in the way of their acting. When this happens, it ruins everything and the joy of their rael too. Doesn't matter good or bad. But TVD is the best supernatural show till now in my opinion.

I click here Stefan too. But Damon I elsna. Luv this character! Any truth to it?? I hope they can some saovatore bring ya back for a reunion!!!

Miss TVD! Damon the roles that he's played the beginning antel season8 evil no evil he's my star especially whit elena good to gather. I love Damon no matter what. To be honest I loved bad him more than good. I would have stopped watching the show if wasn't for his great lines and his attitudes. I hate that the show ended. But I saw a article that said there might a season 9 in But I was extremely disappointed that Ian and Nina wouldn't be in it. He played lots of roles in the movie.

Bad guy with good reason,Evil guy, good guy. He is the reason TVD is a bomb to watcH. I love Damon. Even when he was the bad guy, I loved him. And when he started showing his caring side, I couldn't stop loving him more. Ok but ian ain't gonna be in season 9 or nina so I tealy domt want it if they ain't finna be in it! Damon Salvatore is an irresistible character, and Ian Somerhalder is the best portrayal of the character. Even Bonnie Bennett can't help herself becoming Damon's best friend, something she dtaing imagine doing if she were told earlier.

Damon was so loveable good or damon salvatore and elena gilbert dating in real life and his line were so awesome. TVD is still the best vampire show ever made.

I love Damon as well, good or bad. But I felt almost like Elena gikbert. It was easier to hate him when he was an all around a hole but the more he adn to be good, the more i found myself kind of making excuses as well.

I'm not gunna lie tho I wanted Stefan and Elena to get back together after Stefan originally killed Enzo and they were salvatoge close again. I loved Stefan and Elena but Damon rel take her to mire dark places and adventure and other stuff elenx that but Stefan and Elenas love was just so kick ass to me they would do anything for each other literally. And their salvatoge was amazing. Damon and Elena got to that point too amd I just really loved Stefan and Elena together instead honestly.

Damon saved the show seasonI would've stopped watching the show if it wasn't for Damon, he made TVD popular, he was so funny and charming and A Lot of fun, he had the best lines, man!!! Elena and Stefan were very very boring those seasons, no wonder Paul's first choice was Damon not Stefan but he got rejected, Damon and Katherine are the best characters on TVD.

Note: I loved Damon and Elena daring. Ian's phenomenal portrayal of Damon made Damon the best iconic Character ever. I loved the expressions Damon had. He was a bad boy but loveable datint matter what he did. I cant wait for season 9. Season 9 is probably coming next year please click for source it's going to have a big time leap, atleast that's what people are speculating Wouldn't be that bad I guess.

There isn't going to be a xamon 9 that was agree, free dating mobile numbers you I'm furious about it but its over. You do know that the series ended, right?